Education Matters

Education Matters is a community collaborative spearheaded by United Way of the River Cities and Cabell County Schools. Education Matters works to raise the graduation rate in Cabell County.

Education Matters hosted the inaugural Dropout Prevention Summit on May 23. The community came together to discuss dropout prevention core issues and solutions. Dropout prevention isn't about just the student or the school or the parent; it's about all of us.

Top 10 Reasons YOU should be involved with Education Matters:

  • High school dropouts affect every person in a community regardless of wealth, social status, gender or race.
  • Students who graduate high school are proven to have a better quality of life than those who do not graduate. 
  • Increasing the graduation rate is directly correlated to a decrease in crime rates in your community. Consider California, where one study found that even a 10% increase in graduation rates prompted a 20% decrease in murder and aggravated assault.
  • Education Matters collected all of our data right here in Cabell County so we could be sure to address issues that are important to you.
  • We know that you’ve been talking about “dropouts” for years and you are ready to see real, tangible change in your classrooms and neighborhoods.
  • Contributing your time and effort to Education Matters means making an investment in local businesses, community centers and homes.
  • We know how much you care. With more than 150 of you participating in our forums and summit, we know you are concerned about the future of our community.
  • We know that just a 5% increase in the graduation rate would save the state of West Virginia $35,806,769 annually.
  • We know that the graduation rate cannot be raised by just one person, agency or effort. It’s going to take all of us.
  • Because Education Matters is made up of students, dropouts, parents, mentors, mothers, fathers, bosses, concerned citizens, volunteers and teachers. In fact, the only thing we are missing — is you. 

2012 News Articles
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